Indori Ishq Season 1 Episode 2

Kunal and Tara are in love with each other and decide to have a long-distance relationship when Kunal heads to Mumbai for college. As he gets there, with the help of his uncle, he finds a plush apartment to live in along with two other people, Kamna and Mahesh. As the entrance exams for colleges come near, Kunal is submerged in his books and wants to get into Naval College. Mahesh, on the other hand, is submerged in alcohol and sex and is parting left, right, and center. As the trio lives together and gets to know each other better, Kamna begins to develop feelings for Kunal and proposes to him. Would Kunal agree to Kamna’s proposal or would he tell her about Tara?

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Serie: Indori Ishq

Episode Title: Love, Sex Aur Consent

Air Date: 2021-06-10